Our third teacher is trained with four further teachers funded !

Our third teacher has completed the First Aid for Mental Health Instructor training course!

Moseley Park/West Midlands: Sarah Glover decided to do the training as she has multiple students opening up to her about their struggles, ranging from social anxiety to suicidal thoughts. Although Sarah said that she has provided a safe space for them to open up, she expects the training to give her the skills to help them more confidently and she also plans to spread awareness in the school.

Sarah plans to train around 60-75 pupils at first. She will be targeting 6 form students to enable them to become ambassadors for mental health and then expects that their learning can be shared with friends and colleagues, not only in the 6th form, but as they continue on to university. She is also hoping to target student ambassadors within each year group to do the training as well.

In terms of training methods, this school have planned to deliver the training through a series of workshops either during school hours or at the end of the day. Different workshops will be held for different areas of the training and will lead to participants becoming well informed of mental health awareness. Sarah also plans on also helping pupils one-to-one if they feel they are experiencing any mental health difficulties.

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