Robbie Curtis

Robbie Curtis

Robbie was a proud Langtonian leaving Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys in 2016 with three A levels in English, Maths and Geography. He went on to study geography at the University of Nottingham and graduated with a first class honours degree in July 2019.

His teachers described him as an ‘unusually exceptional student’ and he had just been awarded a prestigious scholarship to study a Master’s degree in Environment, International Development and Policy at Sussex University. This was to be his stepping stone to an early career working in Africa.

Even from an early age, Robbie’s talent for writing was evident. He would write newsletters for his family called the ‘Curtis Times’ and at 10 he wrote a book trilogy called Hormino.  He often wrote poems for his friends and family and in lockdown developed his own unique style. The Langton will be naming a poetry prize after Robbie at their annual academic awards ceremony and we are hoping to publish his poetry soon.

Robbie and travel

Two core passions of Robbie’s were philosophy and travelling which he put into practice in his gap year when he spent time in Sri Lanka and India. Here he immersed himself in spirituality and spent hours meditating and reading the books of his favourite historian Yuval Harari.

Robbie’s concern for environmental issues was apparent at the age of 12 when, by selling his toys on the beach, he collected enough money to save a few acres of Amazon rainforest. Earlier this day (as seen in the picture), he was collecting plastic bottles from the Keralan Backwaters.

Robbie and sport

He was always full of energy, a natural sportsman and had begun running half marathons for charity, the last one being to raise money for dementia in memory of his grandad. He gained colours in four sports at the Langton which gave him the title of ‘sportsman of the year’ in year 10.

At Nottingham University, he was voted Sports Secretary of the Geography Society. Football was his passion and he was a lifelong Arsenal supporter often attending matches at the Emirates with his dad. He was also often seen exercising in the gym at the King’s School where he worked in catering during the summer holidays to save for his gap year.  

“The most pure hearted and genuine soul who I’ve been so privileged to have by my side all these years. He embodied all that is good in a person from his ability to do well in anything he set his mind to, to his contagious energy where he would pick you up from your lowest moments and just make you laugh. Robbie found meaning in helping others and so I hope to help this foundation do his memory justice. “

Natasha (Robbie’s sister)