Poetry competition at Simon Langton School

We are honoured that The Simon Langton School, Canterbury have run a poetry competition to celebrate Robbie’s life. It was judged by Patricia Novillo-Corvalan, (Reader in Comparative Literature at the University of Kent) and the winners will be announced shortly. There were many entries, mainly from year 8, but also 9 and year 12 and the standard was incredibly high!  Go to the following link for more information: https://www.rworld.org.uk/about/poetry/

Robbie’s poems

The Deeds Tree and other poems. One of Robbie’s goals in lockdown was to write a compendium of poems and his book ‘The Deeds Tree and other poems’ has now gone to print with 50 hardback copies ordered. All donations will go towards planting 25 trees (native to the country) in places which were important to him. We hope that we can arrange this in Sri Lanka, Africa, India and Nepal as well as Wales and various places in England. This will be done a year either side of his 25th birthday in November 2022, and I know he would […]

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day and 2022’s theme is ✨Awareness, Belonging & Connection✨. Awareness highlights the importance of learning the signs of declining mental health within yourself, as well as others, so you know when to take action. Although signs can be incredibly difficult to spot and can vary for everyone, look out for those who may be socially withdrawn, having emotional outbursts, struggling to sleep and increasingly partaking in numbing behaviours e.g. substance abuse. You never truly know what another person is going through so noticing any change in personality and behaviour can be key to reaching out […]

Robbie’s field

As part of our ongoing work in Malawi with the High Five Club & the Brown Munthali Foundation, during May we funded the planting of 20 trees. The school children enjoyed helping out with planting as it’s currently rainy season in Malawi. The area is known as ‘Robbie’s Field’ in his honour. We look forward to continuing our international development charity work in Africa and will keep you posted with all our updates! Your donations make all of our work possible, so as always – thanks a million for your continued support and generosity ?

R World in Malawi!

When R World was created, we were very pleased to form a partnership with the High Five Club (H5C), a small charity which works hand in hand with impoverished communities living in wildlife areas of Africa. (See our development section for more information about the H5C). We know that by working with the H5C, all money donated will go straight to those in need. This year we were aiming to provide a bursary to a Nottingham University Masters Degree student to carry out some dissertation research in Zambia, however due to the COVID situation, this has not been possible to […]

BBC South East interviews R World

As today marks one year since we launched R World in memory of our friend Robbie Curtis, we would like to thank everyone who has been apart of this journey. We are excited to see where the next year takes us, and hope to continue to spread awareness about the importance of opening up the conversation surrounding mental health issues. Robbie would be so proud of everything we have achieved so far? https://www.facebook.com/RWorldFoundation/videos/974450439870645

University Mental Health Day video (what we offer and testimonials)

Today (3 March 2022) is University Mental Health Day, drawing much needed attention to the well-being of higher education students. Many students suffer in silence and fail to get the care they need. That’s why R World aims to break the stigma around talking about mental illness by offering funded training in first aid for mental health for teachers and lecturers to increase access to support in education. Watch this 10 minute video to learn more about what we offer and visit our website if you’d like to sign up! ?