Two Worlds Meet

Last month Robbie’s mum Lesley, the founder of R World, embarked on an incredible adventure to Malawi to see the incredible work that the Brown Munthali Foundation have been doing in the village of Chitimba. Lesley was given a warm welcome from Brown and the community; greeted with a ceremony to celebrate her arrival. She was lucky enough to spend time with the lovely community, visit the site of the library that we have been raising funds for and see the progress of the development first hand. Lesley also went to the tree that has been planted in Robbie’s memory […]

Library Construction

I (Lesley Curtis with Caroline Freeland) am raising money to build a library in a remote region of Malawi where Brown Munthali, certainly the most driven but poorest man I have ever known, has set up an orphanage and is responsible for housing, feeding and educating over 70 orphans and vulnerable children. Faced with poverty and escalating prices as well as natural disasters, the most recent being Cyclone Freddy which killed 4 orphans and destroyed his crops, he bounces back every time to achieve his vision for the future. Without a decent education, he knows the future is bleak for […]

25 for 25 challenge – Robbie’s 25th birthday

In the month coming up to Robbie’s 25th birthday on the 15th of November, 25 challengers took part in our #25for25 Challenge, raising a whopping £2,288 ? We had people running, dog walking, litter collecting, dancing, DJ-ing, writing, cycling, rowing and so much more! Thank you SO much to everyone who took part and to all those who donated. We continue to be overwhelmed by your incredible support to our cause. Thanks to you we can make positive change where it really matters. Here’s to you guys! ?✨

’25 for 25′ fundraiser in honour of Robbie’s 25th birthday

R World Foundation – Twenty Five for 25 fundraiser in honour of Robbie’s birthday. Robbie would’ve been turning 25 next month, so in honour of his birthday R World will be running a ‘25 for 25’ fundraiser… You can run, walk, cycle or swim 25 miles, dance for 25 minutes, bake 25 cakes or make up your own fun challenge! You can do absolutely ANYTHING that fits in with our 25 theme, so let your imagination run wild! Simply gather sponsorship from friends, family, and colleagues to raise funds or guide donations straight to the R World website, where you […]

Universities funded by R World

Did you know R World has funded First Aid For Mental Health Training for 6 partner universities since launching in February 2021? Working with the University of Nottingham + University of Exeter + The University of Sheffield + University of Worcester + University of Kent + University of Sussex has been such a fulfilling experience for us and we have received SO much positive feedback about how the mental health training we fund is helping students all across the UK.

BBC South East interviews R World

As today marks one year since we launched R World in memory of our friend Robbie Curtis, we would like to thank everyone who has been apart of this journey. We are excited to see where the next year takes us, and hope to continue to spread awareness about the importance of opening up the conversation surrounding mental health issues. Robbie would be so proud of everything we have achieved so far?