’25 for 25′ fundraiser in honour of Robbie’s 25th birthday

R World Foundation – Twenty Five for 25 fundraiser in honour of Robbie’s birthday.

Robbie would’ve been turning 25 next month, so in honour of his birthday R World will be running a ‘25 for 25’ fundraiser…

You can run, walk, cycle or swim 25 miles, dance for 25 minutes, bake 25 cakes or make up your own fun challenge! You can do absolutely ANYTHING that fits in with our 25 theme, so let your imagination run wild!

Simply gather sponsorship from friends, family, and colleagues to raise funds or guide donations straight to the R World website, where you can leave your name & a message if you’d like.

We’d LOVE as many of you as possible to get involved to help us mark Robbie’s birthday in a positive way. Whether you raise £25 or £2.50, all donations are hugely appreciated and make such a valuable difference by helping us fund mental health training for young people in education.  (https://www.rworld.org.uk/donate-to-25-for-25/).

The fundraiser will be running for a month from October 15th to November 15th (Robbie’s birthday) and we’d absolutely love to hear any fundraising ideas so leave a comment below or DM us!

More info to follow shortly – thanks ?

Week 1 of 25 for 25 Challenge complete!?
Huge thank you to everyone who’s got involved and challenged themselves to do 25 of something in celebration of Robbie’s 25th birthday coming up next month.
Over the past week we’ve had people auction paintings, write poems, sell Christmas decorations, row, run, cycle, dog walk and more!
For those who have started their challenge, keep going! And for those who still want to get involved- there’s still time! The challenge is running up until Robbie’s birthday on the 15th of November, so as long as you can complete 25 of your chosen task by then… you can start whenever you like.⭐️
Finally if you’d like to show your support to any or all of our challengers, click here to donate: www.rworld.org.uk/donate-to-25-for-25/ ?

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