£21,226 raised to date (09/06/2021)

Fundraising story so far

£3,532 – DONATED TO THE SAMARITANS (not included in the R World total)


£9,445  – TOTAL FUNDS ON 22 May 2021 (This includes £610 raised by the King’s School as part of #Reps4Robbie)

£3,696  – King’s School #Reps4Robbie fundraiser 

At the end of August 2020, just a week after Robbie disappeared from our lives forever, a birthday fundraiser was launched by Gus, one of Robbie’s friends. This quickly raised £3,532 with a total of 237 people donating in just a few days. This was all donated to the Samaritans.

Very soon after, ideas of creating a foundation in memory of Robbie were emerging and with this in mind, a Just Giving fundraiser was circulated. To date this has raised a total of £7,975 by 186 supporters.

With the launch of R World on the 16th February, we have closed the Just Giving fundraiser and all donations are  processed via our website.  To date, for R World, £21,226 has been raised. This includes the fantastic £4,306 raised by King’s School as part of the #Reps4Robbie fundraiser.

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