Robbie’s field

As part of our ongoing work in Malawi with the High Five Club & the Brown Munthali Foundation, during May we funded the planting of 20 trees. The school children enjoyed helping out with planting as it’s currently rainy season in Malawi. The area is known as ‘Robbie’s Field’ in his honour.

We look forward to continuing our international development charity work in Africa and will keep you posted with all our updates!

Your donations make all of our work possible, so as always – thanks a million for your continued support and generosity ?

One thought on “Robbie’s field

  1. Good show Lesley! I love the development. Educate more of the African on wildlife related issues. Dr Cheryl started in 2017 to send all kids to Vwaza/Nyika National park. Kids were happy and it is still in their memories. Now, many such kids are grown up and they want to practice the reality of wildlife conservation. So the introduction of Robbie’s field project is giving kids alot of work to improve more in knowledge.
    Well done!!! Thanks alot!

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