Robbie’s book of poems now in print! Donations will help save the environment – 25 trees to be planted to mark his 25th birthday

The Deeds Tree and other poems.

One of Robbie’s goals in lockdown was to write a compendium of poems and his book ‘The Deeds Tree and other poems’ has now gone to print with 50 hardback copies ordered. All donations will go towards planting 25 trees (native to the country) in places which were important to him. We hope that we can arrange this in Sri Lanka, Africa, India and Nepal as well as Wales and various places in England. This will be done a year either side of his 25th birthday in November 2022, and I know he would be delighted given his interest in environmental issues and climate change. If you would like a copy, please message me ( The suggested donation is £12 to cover printing and postage :

Reviews :  Thanks for Robbie’s book of poetry. We are honoured that you share his deepest thoughts, feelings and artistry with us.  The Deeds Tree is so heavy and worldly for his young body that clearly had an old and ancient essence to it.  His love is in the chants arising below the Sri Maha Bodhi.  He put it there with this poem.  I hope you will get to hear that for yourself some day if you have not already.  What a beautiful thought that came from him and is preserved here in his art.  I am imagining the sound of those chants and smiling that that is where he put his love for all to hear and for you to know.  Smile if you can hear it too and know that so long as there is chanting at the Deeds Tree, Robbie’s love is profoundly in this world.  It is sublime, that thought from your young man.  How proud you can be that he knew how to express such a closeness to that place with art.  The eloquence of his sentiment can let you know the power of his love and the goodness of his deeds has a place he wanted it to be known forever.  So knowing for being young and so old for understanding.  I’m moved.  You are blessed that that love, springing out from you and Simon rings out in the place he found for it and he chose to put it to sound every day from now until the chants end.  Let’s hope they never do.

I have now read all of Robbie’s poems in the so fitting tribute book you gifted us.  This Feeling is my absolute favourite.  It might be the most elegant description of hope I could ever imagine.  And hope IN THE MOMENT .  “It feels so nice”.  Indeed, indeed it resonates deeply for me.  Some people are tuned in too intensely to the world of human feelings and clearly Robbie was one of those special souls the rest of us too simply just call artists.  My goodness, he shined so brightly for you and himself and others in his life that his fuel was consumed too quickly.  You have captured the beauty of your boy’s essence with this book.  The love in the chants at the Deeds Tree is for you and all of us.  Smile. Laugh. Have profound pride.  You got to be close to this shining light for 23 years. Most people are surrounded by only dull, greyness, dimness, and darkness most of their lives.  How lucky were you to be his mum??? Realise it (of course you do with no help from me). Celebrate it! It is ok to do so. Wouldn’t it please him? It feels so nice.

Robbie’s poems are breathtaking.  He was mature beyond his years and obviously thought deeply about the meaning of life and death.

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