Robbie’s book of poems now in print! Donations will help save the environment – 25 trees to be planted to mark his 25th birthday

The Deeds Tree and other poems.

One of Robbie’s goals in lockdown was to write a compendium of poems and his book ‘The Deeds Tree and other poems’ has now gone to print with 50 hardback copies ordered. All donations will go towards planting 25 trees (native to the country) in places which were important to him. We hope that we can arrange this in Sri Lanka, Africa, India and Nepal as well as Wales and various places in England. This will be done a year either side of his 25th birthday in November 2022, and I know he would be delighted given his interest in environmental issues and climate change. If you would like a copy, please message me ( The suggested donation is £12 to cover printing and postage :

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