World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day and 2022’s theme is ✨Awareness, Belonging & Connection✨.

Awareness highlights the importance of learning the signs of declining mental health within yourself, as well as others, so you know when to take action. Although signs can be incredibly difficult to spot and can vary for everyone, look out for those who may be socially withdrawn, having emotional outbursts, struggling to sleep and increasingly partaking in numbing behaviours e.g. substance abuse.

You never truly know what another person is going through so noticing any change in personality and behaviour can be key to reaching out and helping them receive the support they need.

Belonging & Connection remind us to show people that we care, that they belong, that they’re safe, supported, not alone and that there’s always a way forward.

Use today as an opportunity to start reaching out to your friends, family and colleagues by simply asking how they are and starting conversations that really can make all the difference to someone who may be struggling in silence.

Want to get involved in the action this #worldmentalhealthday? Join our #25for25 challenge, starting in just 5 days time, on the 15th of October! Run, walk, cycle or swim 25 miles, bake 25 cakes or make up your own fun challenge! You can do absolutely ANYTHING that fits our 25 theme, all for a great cause to help us provide funded mental health training for schools, colleges and universities and mark what would have been Robbie’s 25th birthday.

You can get sponsored to raise funds for the foundation or guide donations straight to the R World website, where you can leave your name & a message if you’d like. Whether you raise £2.50 or £25, we’re always so grateful for the incredible efforts of our supporters & can’t thank you enough for the continued support! ?


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